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This article is a little old. The information herein might not be too accurate.

The Art of Communicating a Crisis with Your Customers

Imagine the scenario where you’ve fully prepared for a webinar, your listeners have allocated free time to come and view your presentation for the next 45 minutes, and you’re just about to get started.

Then you get a phone call, and it’s a notification to say that a server has gone down and then you realize the service you provide isn’t there anymore; it’s gone.

How do you go about communicating this properly to your customers? How do you prevent them from getting angry?

These scenarios always come at the worst time. It’s when you’re doing a webinar, out of the office or having time off, and it’s not uncommon for it to happen in the middle of the night.

How you deal with a crisis like this can be broken into three stages:

Planning and preparation of dealing with the storm.

Communicating throughout and keeping customers informed.

Learning from failure; study everything that’s gone on, analyzing to tweak and perfect for the future.

Robert and I joined Sarah Chambers at Kayako to talk about just this.

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