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This article is a little old. The information herein might not be too accurate.

Branding your status page just got even easier

Our latest update sees a new status page design and a new feature which allows you to style your page without touching a single line of code.

A new page design, ready to style

Screenshot showing the contrast between the Vanilla page style and that of the HostMedia branded version.

Our new status page design stays true to our beliefs in clear and concise design, where your current status is always the most important thing on the page.

However, unlike our previous page design this new stripped back approach is focussed on allowing you to easily style it to match your brand.

Click-and-customise in moments

Screenshot of the new Logos & Colours Panel.

Our new Logos and Colours panel allows you to style your page with simple image uploads and colour pickers, transforming its look and feel in moments, whilst still retaining the core underlying design which makes our pages so successful.

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