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This article is a little old. The information herein might not be too accurate.

Your status page just got even faster and even more reliable

We’ve made substantial changes to our infrastructure to ensure your status page is always up and capable of serving thousands of visitors at blistering speeds.

Distributed across continents

A map showing the geographic location of our infrastructure.

By separating our core application and your status page across multiple locations, we have ensured that your status page is resilient against problems with our servers and also other customer status pages.

Capable of handling 30,000 visitors with 99ms response time

As well as distributing our platform we’ve also completely overhauled the server technology which supports it.

Our technology is now designed with the very specific task of serving your status pages up as quickly as possible - and is capable of supporting tens of thousands of visitors, even in the sudden surges which are so common during outages.