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This article is a little old. The information herein might not be too accurate.

Theme your status page to suit your needs and match your brand

Our biggest venture yet, we’re really excited to announce our new theming feature: Take complete control of your status page design.

An example snapshot of some custom theming source code.

Customize every line of code. Every last pixel

We give you full access to the HTML and CSS of your page, and through the use of the powerful Liquid templating language you can control not only how it looks, but exactly how it behaves.

With useful guides

Our new docs site will walk you through the process of creating your very own status page theme. From how to organise your files, to the Liquid templating language and the deployment process.

Open source tools and examples

We've also got open-source tools and examples to help you get developing quickly and learn by example - all available on our GitHub account.

And a helping hand if you need it

If you find yourself feeling lost, or our guides don’t explain things quite clearly enough we’re here to help, reach out and contact support