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This article is a little old. The information herein might not be too accurate.

Adobe's Creative Cloud Status Page

We take a quick look at Adobe's creative cloud status page and the design cues which make it a success.

Screenshot of the Adobe Creative Cloud status page.

Adobe have been a cornerstone of the online world for a long while and their move into the SaaS market with Creative Cloud has been a pretty successful one.

But regardless of your size and budget - the occasional crisis is inevitable. Just in case you are experiencing any temporary issues Adobe have a status page to keep you in the loop.

Whilst there are a few things we’d do differently, Adobe have got some of the key things just right.

They keep it simple and purposeful

The stand-out design element of the page is it's sense of purpose. When users come looking for your status updates, they only care about that one thing.

The page isn't cluttered with advertising or upsell on their product range. Nor is it littered with footer links to terms of service or needless copyright notices.

It's always about the here and now

Nobody needs to know about the performance issues you had last month - or that your network was unavailable for half an hour in asia in february.

The status quo is what people want - this is exactly what a status page should give them.

We always commend those companies who appreciate the value of a status page, especially those who have clearly given it some thought.